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Alle meldingen aangaande storingen kunt u hier vinden


A new ransomware strain named XData has wreaked havoc in Ukraine in the last 24 hours, locking computers for hundreds of users.

First to spot this new strain was Malwarebytes security researcher Emphyrio, but it was a security researcher that goes by the name of MalwareHunter that sounded the alarm earlier today.

MalwareHunter, who is one of the people behind the ID-Ransomware service, told Bleeping Computer that XData made today four times more victims inside Ukraine compared to the total for the whole week of the more virulent and self-spreading WannaCry ransomware. XData’s numbers are remarkable if we take into account that Ukraine was the fifth most affected country in terms of WannaCry infections.

Furthermore, based on the same ID-Ransomware data, XData was the second most active ransomware family today, just behind Cerber, the undisputed leader of the ransomware world.